Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Start lowering employee health care costs! Call now to set up a program tailored to your worksite needs!

Poor nutrition and eating habits can be very costly to companies today – increasing obesity, the risk of diseases, raising health insurance claims and absenteeism, and hindering employee productivity. Research shows that 50% of company profits today are being spent on healthcare costs.

Corporate nutrition and wellness programs work!

Studies show that for every $1 spent on employee wellness, $4 in cost savings is realized!

Interactive wellness programs motivate employees to empower themselves with healthy lifestyle choices and focus on preventative services to reduce health risks such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. This is the most cost effective way to reduce health care costs.

Our goal is to work as a team to help employers create a positive work environment through awareness, planning, and providing the lifestyle tools to make changes happen. Hence, increased productivity reduced healthcare costs.

Services Offered:

One to One Individual Nutrition Counseling (On-Site)

Nutrition counseling is an effective way to work with employees on implementing a healthy lifestyle, and reducing risks for obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. We will work with Benefits/Human Resources and Upper Management for insurance reimbursement of services provided.

A Registered Dietitian meets with employees individually and review their medical history and diet, providing personalized recommendations and support to meet their goals and lifestyle.

Consultations are booked in half-day or full-day blocks as needed

Lunch and Learn - Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Seminars

Group classes are a convenient and cost-effective way to reach a large number of employees. Classes bring employees together and help them support each other in making healthier choices. We offer a variety of health and wellness topics ranging from nutrition, exercise, and stress management with an emphasis on simple lifestyle changes. Choose a topic that’s already been created or a customized presentation will be created to meet your company’s specific needs.

Group Wellness Challenges

Who doesn’t love a little bit of HEALTHY competition? Wellness challenges are a fun and easy way to engage employees in your workplace health initiatives. Group challenges give employees the opportunity to share their experiences and keep one another motivated toward making healthy behavior changes. Tell us your needs and we can design a customized challenge tailored to the health needs and interests of your employees while staying within your budget.

Many employers choose to incentive these challenges with small prizes such as movie tickets, a company sponsored lunch, or a free day off of work.

8 Week Wellness Program – A Weight Loss and Health Intervention Program (On-Site)

This program is designed to provide the most cutting edge research proven to help lower a person’s risk of medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer and other disorders. Program includes weekly handouts with recipes and lifestyle recommendations.

Participants are not only given reasons why they may need to change but tools that are lacking from other existing programs. The results are to improve quality of life both at work and at home resulting in lower health care costs associated with development or progression of many medical conditions. Many insurance programs offer employers incentives which may lower insurance premiums.

Nutrition & Wellness Booth

Hosting a health fair? We provide interactive table displays with engaging themes to capture attention and increase awareness of nutrition and health hot topics. A Registered Dietitian will be present to provide education and offer individualized nutrition tips to employees with more serious health concerns including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension.

Other Services Include:

Menu Review and Planning and Standard Evaluations for


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