3x4 Genetic Testing

3x4 Genetic Testing

An Individualized Approach To Your Health and Wellness

Your health journey begins with understanding your body. Genetic testing empowers you to do that.
The 3x4 Genetic Test compares the relationship between 134 genes in 36 metabolic pathways where Nutritional and Lifestyle protocols can be put into place. This personalize approach ensures you get comprehensive feedback with explanations, recommendations and guidelines that are unique to you!
Your genes are responsible for the way your body functions. Every choice you make influences your personal genetic makeup. By understanding how your genetics are impacted, you can make better, more personalized decisions about your health.

3x4 Genetic Test Benefits:

A holistic approach to complex interactions of the biological systems


This test is offered in our office. A simple and pain-free cheek swab is performed. We believe that health is not a static condition, but a daily choice!


Using your 3X4 Blueprint and the guidance of our expert practitioner you can gain a deeper understanding of your body and the daily choices you need to make.
***3x4 Genetics and Grant’s Nutrition and Wellness is HIPPA compliant and information will not be shared with anyone else


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