InBody 570 Composition Analyzer

Have you been struggling with your weight loss goals? Do you wonder if you’re eating enough or maybe too many calories? Are you trying to build muscle mass? Since low- calorie diets are common with weight loss, one of the main concerns with these low-calorie diets is the risk of losing muscle mass, a negative outcome in terms of weight loss, health risk, and functional strength. The InBody device measures body composition and tracks results.

When Utilizing The InBody 570 In Your Journey:

tThe InBody 570 device is a medical-grade body composition Analyzer that provides accurate measurements using a multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance that has been extensively validated to gold-standard methods.

Traditional BIA technology measures the human body as a single-cylinder using one frequency, which increases the likelihood of inaccurate results.

Poor food choices might not display outwardly but with the InBody body composition analysis unhealthy imbalances can be determine to put an effective program together.