Jane M. Grant

Jane M. Grant

I am a registered dietitian and a certified health coach, committed to improving the quality of life of others by sharing my nutrition expertise and knowledge. Many people have an idea of what to do in order to be healthy but need help achieving those goals. I will help empower clients to achieve personal balance and wellness for a lifetime with knowledge, motivation and practical tools.

Educational Background

I graduated Saint Joseph College (currently known as Saint Joseph University) in 2005. I chose an academic path that encompassed two of my greatest passions: people and nutrition. I completed a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics as well as a minor in Biology. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree I completed additional training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2013. I combine traditional and integrative nutrition practices with behavior modification techniques to help clients become aware of the psychology aspects of their relationship with food while improving health outcomes.

Professional Background

My professional experience in the field of nutrition held a variety of positions in healthcare and public health. Most recently I worked as a Nutrition Manager overseeing several federal funded nutrition programs including the Elderly Nutrition Program for the Midstate area (Meals on Wheel and Congregate Meals at Senior Centers), CACFP Daycare Homes (Nutrition Program for Licensed Daycare Home Providers) and the Summer Lunch Program (Feeding low income children during the summer months when it's hard for families to provide nutritional meals because they rely on school lunches to fill the gap). Within these programs I provided a variety of nutritional services including nutrition counseling, education, developing nutrition education materials and presenting nutrition topics to affiliated organizations.

Areas of Expertise

My area of expertise includes adult weight management, diabetes prevention and management, food allergies and sensitivities, heart disease prevention, and gastrointestinal issues. I am also interested in holistic healing and became a Certified Reiki Healer to assist in stress reduction and relaxation.

I, not only guide my clients to healthy and balanced living, I embody it. Outside of work, I spend my free time traveling, hiking, exploring different cuisines, cooking, gardening and spending time with family and friends. I am a very passionate, energetic, and motivated professional dedicated to helping others live and thrive through wellness.

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